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Vectors, Fuzzles and Whatnot

Vectors and Rasters (Graphics)

Vector files are a collection of curved or straight linear paths. Instead of being comprised of pixels, they contain data , such as curvature and color fill percentages. They are typically filed under AI or EPS titles.

 Raster graphics are a collection of various colorful pixels that, in combination with each other, form an image. They are typically filed under GIF or JPEG titles.

With  Vectors, you will have a smooth edge with no jaggies. With Rasters, you are making pixels, which are tiny square blocks that, when clustered together, make an image.  Because of the square pixels around the edges, you will have some jagged edges.  ~psl






A while back the members of my forum, PIRC (Pro Imaging Resource Center) started making Fuzzles.  We had such fun  with that and I'd like to show you a few that I made.  These were made with PSPX2.

          Teen  Fuzzle   -    Dr. Fuzzle   -    Nurse Fuzzle     -    Mitzi Fuzzle   -   Hibib Fuzzle   -  Jethro Fuzzle   -  Dapper Fuzzle


The Christmas Fuzzles 


Newest Fuzzles


  fuzzle  fuzzle    fuzzle                     fuzzle                         fuzzle                           fuzzle

                         The Dude             Ms Blue       Cruella De Vil    Miss Monroe            Cleopatra             Halloween Fuzzle



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