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Over the years we have owned many great pets.  They come and they go and they leave paw prints on my heart forever.

My last Chihuahua, Luisa died in 2017 so now I only have a tortoise shell cat named Anabel and a male orange and white tabby named Jethro.  After we lost Skipper, our black Lab on December 25, 2016 we got a little 6 week old yellow Lab, Lucy.  Lucy was a handful for the first 10 months but she finally calmed down and turned out to be a really sweet dog. 

After breeding birds for about 10 years, now I only have 3 birds, who hang out in the sunroom:  A Yellow naped Amazon named Rudy, a Yellow-sided Greencheek named Goliath and a tiny turquoise blue Lineolated Parrot named Agua.                





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