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There have almost always been tiny bantams in my backyard.  I really enjoy  them and now I have a small flock of Serama bantams.  They originated in Maylasia and mine were purchased from Jerry Schexnayder in Louisana, who personally imported the first Seramas in 2001.  Not many people know about Seramas, yet, but I will describe them to you.  They are billed as the tiniest bantam in the world, they come in a huge varity of colors and color mixes and they make great pets if hand raised.  They have short legs, stand with their tails high and their chests out, which gives them a regal look.  At the moment I have about 45, including 10 chicks from Spring 2014.

To find out more about the Mayasian Serama, click HERE for Jerry's website.

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